How to upload copyright transfer agreement

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The corresponding author in ICME2014 should provide the copyright transfer agreement to the TTP publisher for the publication purpose.

The following are the steps to obtain the copyright form agreement and to upload it to TTP editorial system.

STEP 1 : Go to editorial system in


STEP 2 : You have to login by clicking the <<Log in>> menu.


STEP 3 : Then enter your username and password, then press the <<Login>> button.


STEP  4 : Click the <<PARTICIPANT>> menu


STEP 5 : Click the <<PAPERS>> menu.


STEP 6 : Make sure the title of the book is ICME 2014, if not change it to <<ICME 2014>>. Then click the title of the paper.


STEP 7 : Click the <<Copyright Agreement>> menu


STEP 8 : Now you can download the copyright transfer agreement.  The form contains the ISBN number, the title of the paper and the name of the corresponding author.


STEP 9 : You have to sign the agreement and scan the signed agreement.


STEP 10 : Select the file of the signed agreement, then click the <<Upload>> button and wait until the uploading process completed.


STEP 11 : If the uploading process is successful, you will see the uploaded file is shown below with the date and the time.  The menu <<Copyright Agreement>> is also tagged by a ticked symbol.


STEP 12 : Please make sure you complete the names of all authors from the <<Edit Authors>> menu.